Give a Helping Hand!

Come support our mission to impact the lives of those who have been severly mistreated and taken advantage of.

27 Million

Victims of human trafficking worldwide

Eighty Percent

Of victims are girls

One Million

Children are exploited by the sex trade every year

The Issue Of Human Trafficking

No one is immune to being a victim of trafficking. Even in America children and adults are being trafficked daily.

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What You Can Do

Volunteer and work within a team. We have outreach projects to meet basic needs and connect with trafficking victims and the homeless. You can also provide by giving money which goes to help our overall mission to provide resources and hope. Prayer is greatly appreciated for safety and strength to step in on the victims behalf and to push forward boldly.

For many it is a difficult road to go back to what is considered a normal life. We are encouraged by the strength of many survivors that flourish despite adversity.

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Our Prayer Needs

That God would continue to provide for us.

That we would have all we need to spread truth about this terrible reality of Human Trafficking.


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