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Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Psalm 82:4

Rescue Innocence seeks to end human trafficking through prevention, education and empowerment. We partner with other organizations to assist those vulnerable, victims and survivors of human trafficking to find a safe place for healing and growth.

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Brent was led to co-found Rescue
Innocence in 2012. He trained
overseas with anti-trafficking groups
before bringing the organization
home to mid-Missouri. Since then he
has worked extensively to prevent
cases of human trafficking through
education, counseling and targeted
outreach. We have assisted many
victims of trafficking to begin new
lives and have established a men's
group to address "the demand" side of
trafficking and to counsel past
offenders. Brent and Nicki married in
2014 and welcomed their first child in 2015. They are eagerly anticipating welcoming their second at the end of 2018.



  • Outreach to vulnerable populations - homeless,
    offenders & youth.

  • Providing for basic needs.

  • Life Coaching and Counseling.

  • Educating youth at schools,camps and clubs.

  • Teaching adults to recognize signs of human trafficking.


  • Assisting victims to find safe houses and local resources.

  • Ongoing counseling.

  • Job Coaching.

  • Providing for emergency needs.

  • Teaching self advocacy.


  • Long-term accountability partners.

  • Job skills and placement.

  • Counseling.


We believe that real change comes through God. We love people, we love God, and we love the opportunity to respectfully be a part in others finding this connection.

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